It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie breast implant-filled bikini

Hey y’all! Long time no write. Between work, travel, and training for my upcoming Hadrian’s Wall walking holiday in the UK for my mom’s 60th 30th birthday, it’s been a very busy summer.

In July I had the pleasure of spending almost a week in Hawaii on the island of Kauai for a friend’s wedding. Prior to my trip, I embarked on every girl’s worst nightmare: bikini shopping.

Bikini shopping has never been a pleasant experience for me, but it was with an open mind (and a sense of humor) that I headed into Target. I browsed the racks for 15 minutes, and then, armed with eight or so bikinis, made my way to the fitting room.

It was a disaster. Everything about every bikini was dreadful, from the styles to the colors to the awkward hanger marks. I knew I’d have to call in the big guns: Victoria’s Secret.

I’ve been a fan of Victoria’s Secret bikinis for quite a few years, since they are some of the more supportive bikini tops on the market, but coughing up the $75+ for a matching top and bottom set has always been a bit difficult. This time was different, however. With a Hawaiian vacation on the horizon and a new set of boobs to flatter, it was worth the splurge.

I settled on a teal top and bottom bikini set. I was quite pleased with the choice because the top is supportive without being overly padded. I’ve worn the bikini quite a few times since buying it in late June, including at the beach and at the lake, and it’s been great.

The other day I was skulking around Facebook when I saw a picture of my fellow previvor Carly celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas. She looked AMAZING in a light pink bikini. I clicked on the image for further inspection and realized it was the same style bikini top as my teal one from Victoria’s Secret. We exchanged messages about the top and agreed that it’s the perfect bikini top for breast implants.

This realization prompted me to try on all of my other bikini tops, for a comparison of the various styles. My bikini top needs are quite different now that I have breast implants instead of “real boobs.” Before I was concerned with getting adequate support, now I’m concerned more with coverage. I was a bit surprised to see how things fit.

Here are my thoughts on the styles–hopefully they will help other post-mastectomy and post-reconstruction women find the perfect bikini tops:

I wore this bandeau bikini in Hawaii, but it was much better suited for lounging on the beach than swimming.

In high school and college, I always wanted to wear triangle bikini tops but they were never supportive enough for me. At least they work better now!


I tried on the mastectomy bikini top my mom made me last year just for kicks. Last summer, my number one bikini concern was finding something that could hold and disguise a waterproof prosthetic.

This bikini top + Rachel = Goldilocks when she finds Baby Bear’s porridge…justttttt right. This is the Victoria’s Secret bikini top Carly and I both bought. I am definitely going to look for more in various colors and patterns. Here’s what it looks like from the side, with the cheeky low rise bottom (side note: Victoria’s Secret, I am totally open to sponsorship =D):

I’m fortunate that there is still at least one month of warm California sunshine to enjoy this summer, so my favorite bikini will be getting a lot of love.

What do other post-reconstruction ladies think of bikinis/bathing suits? Do you have any new favorites?

Update: Just ordered two more, in yellow and paisley. Dad, if you’re reading this…they were on sale. A LOT.

5 thoughts on “It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie breast implant-filled bikini

  1. I am still in expanders and am just hating beach life this summer. Out of many bathing suit tops I have, only one works. The rest of them look so inappropriate. I went from an A cup pre-op to a DDD at my current over-filled state. My old cutsey triangle tops look like pasties on these monsters. I can’t wait for my exchange in a few weeks and also looking forward to finding a new top. I’ll have to check out your recommendation once things settle down in a couple of months. Enjoyed your post and reviews of the different styles!

  2. Way too old for a bikini, even at my thinnest but I enjoyed your post. I have a two piece black tanking from Land’s End- with a top designed for post mastectomy patients, and a cute one piece hot pink- same place. You gave all sorts of great info, glad you found the perfect suit- you went through a lot- enjoy the sun!!

  3. I’m old too but dang, in my mind, I can still rock a bikini!! Well at least I could prior to mastectomies!! Lol😄 hopefully this time next year I’ll be beach ready. Granted, there’s a lot to be done between now and then…reconstruction, chemo, radiation…a girl’s gotta have goals, dreams and aspirations. Family and friends have some post recovery trips in mind for me, Hawaii and Vegas. Both very bikini worthy. But after checking out the walking va-ca you mentioned, I think I’d also like to do that, too. Hey after all the hospital visits and couch time I’ll be partaking in, I’ll need to stretch my legs! Perhaps your blog will include a little about your trip?

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