Blog redesign

I’m extremely pleased to present to you my blog redesign!

When I started this blog and came up with the name Ticking Time Bombs, I always had an image in mind of a bra made out of bombs. That is, after all, how I felt about my breasts: they were deadly bombs waiting to explode!

As the blog grew, I realized that I needed to develop more of a brand. Many times in my daily life I strike up a conversation with someone who ends up having a personal connection to breast cancer or genetic testing or who knows someone who does. I usually end up scribbling my blog URL down on a scrap of paper and hope that they don’t lose it!

I needed blog business cards to give to the people I met. But If I was printing business cards, I’d need a better URL; the generic WordPress URL is difficult to remember. So I purchased

Then I realized that if I started giving out business cards, they would need to match the look of my blog. But I was not exactly proud of the look of the blog. Sure, it worked…but honestly, I threw together the banner in about fifteen minutes. It could be a lot better.

Through, I hired a wonderful freelance graphic designer based in the UK. We emailed back and forth about all of my requests and ideas, and soon, a logo was born.

From that fabulous logo came my business cards, and finally, my banner. (Yes, that’s supposed to be me in the logo. Originally the illustrated girl was a lot skinnier; I had to ask my designer to throw on a few pounds!)

I’m very excited to get my blog business cards printed this weekend so I can start giving them out to people who might want to visit the blog.

Thank you all for supporting me throughout this journey with my mastectomy and reconstruction and the development of the Ticking Time Bombs blog. Please keep passing on the link to anyone who could benefit from reading my story!

3 thoughts on “Blog redesign

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I might just have to kick around this idea too! Although would you believe when I created my blog last summer there was already one with the same name? That’s why I stuck with WordPress for now. đŸ™‚

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